Parent Involvement & Expectations

Scouts ~ What’s in it for you and your child?

You can expect that your child will have a fun time.

You can reasonably expect that your son or daughter will be in the hands of capable and caring Leaders who have a commitment to providing a stimulating and interesting program designed to assist children to develop into self-reliant and responsible members of the community.

Scouting was started by Robert Baden-Powell to cater for children’s sense of adventure and love of independence and to channel these characteristics into appropriate activities, which will equip them for later life. Leaders take the task of fulfilling the Aims of Scouting very seriously. We undertake every reasonable care of your child when you entrust him or her to us, and to do our best in partnership with you, to help your child to develop to his or her full potential.

We have all undertaken thorough ongoing training, and we give freely of our time and efforts to enable us to do this. We would not do it unless we were convinced of the value of Scouting in the lives of our children. We hope that after your child has been with us for a short time, you will be likewise convinced.

At 1st Woy Woy, we know that what keeps our Group Strong and helps us provide quality Scouting is the partnership between our Leaders and our Parents.

In fostering that partnership, our Leaders will:

  • Help your child to be accepted as a part of our scouting family

By becoming a member of scouting, your child has become a part of a worldwide family. Our Group is a unique part of that family and your child is a valued part of it.

  • Provide your child with safe, approved activities

All activities provided by our Group have been planned in accordance with scouting safety standards and have been approved by the Group Leader. Your child will not take part in activities without your knowledge and written permission.

  • Provide your child with appropriate equipment and facilities for activities

In the course of the program your child will be provided with the appropriate equipment. They will be taught how to use it safely and encouraged to care for it and to use it responsibly.

  • Help your child know, understand and live by Scouting’s Law and Promise

Our law and promise provide a set of precepts for social living. Your child will see our leaders modeling these precepts, will be explicitly taught them and will be encouraged to live by them.

In fostering that partnership our Parents will be expected to:

  • Get to know their child’s Leaders

Parents should take time to speak to their child’s leaders to share information about their child, to discuss their child’s progress, to comment on activities and to keep them informed of events. They should take time to provide positive comment as well as to discuss problems.

  • Encourage children to participate in the Group traditions

The tradition of our group is of a community where equity is valued, where enjoyable participation is more important than competition, where individual success is celebrated by all and where good humour is valued. Parents will be expected to encourage their children to enter into the spirit of these traditions.

  • Support Group Activities

Scouting is an organisation staffed by volunteers and can only provide a quality program with support from parents. This support can take many forms. These might include: attendance at group functions, helping at meetings, providing transport or helping with badge work. Your child’s leader may have other suggestions.

  • Help improve Group Facilities

While we aim to continually improve and add to the facilities available to your child, this can only be done with your support. Your support can take many forms. These include: support for fundraising, attendance at working bees, donations of materials or equipment, becoming a member of the parent committee.

  • Accept the Group ethos when attending Group events

Our leaders always attempt to provide a model to your child by adopting the values of Scouting’s law and promise. When attending group functions we expect parents to provide a similar model by behaving in ways that are congruent with those values.

How you can get involved

The most important aspect of parent involvement is the encouragement you give to your child. The boys and girls who get the most out of Scouting are those who put the most into it. All children have times when they need a gentle push, and certainly times when they need some help. This is where you come in.


If your child wants to do some test-passing or earn a badge, please go through the requirements and check that he or she has the knowledge needed and that all aspects of the test are covered. If your child hasn’t done anything for a while, you may need to offer some extra encouragement to get started. The pride on their faces when they come to the front of the parade to receive their badges makes the effort well worthwhile.

Helping Out

Scouting is a voluntary organisation, and we do rely heavily on parent support

The support given will depend on the individual circumstances of each family.

Areas in which regular help is needed are:

  • Transport: Occasionally transporting the children to various activities included in our program.

  • Cleaning/Maintenance of the Scout Hall: It is important that the place in which our children gather be maintained in a clean hygienic fashion.

  • Fund Raising: So as to keep fees under control as a group we will run a couple of fund raising events through the year, and it is hoped that all families will be involved.

  • Parent Roster: There are occasions when the Leaders can do with an extra pair of hands, eyes and ears. This is mainly needed when insufficient Leader are available. If we call for a little extra help, it is good to know that there are parents willing to assist.

  • Volunteer Camp Staff: On some activities we need and appreciate the help of parents with transport, cooking, running activities, first aid. Everybody has a great time getting involved.

  • Joining the Parent Support Group: This is not an onerous task – the really hard work of building the Scout Hall and providing major resources has already been done by past committees. It really only involves a monthly meeting and helping to manage and maintain the resources of our Group as well as the occasional social activity.

  • Becoming a uniformed Leader: Leadership is not for everyone, but if it interests you, please speak to any one of the Leaders. They will tell you that they get just as much fun out of it as the kids, and a very real sense of achievement as well as doing something worthwhile for our youth and the community.


Scouts is NOT a babysitting service,

your participation is vital to its existence


Joeys meet Mondays 5-6pm

Cubs meet Mondays 6-7:30pm

Scouts meet Tuesdays 6:30-8:30pm

Venturers meet Wednesdays 7-9pm


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