Scouts are required to wear uniform for all formal events, normal activities, when travelling to and from camps etc. unless advised otherwise.

We do not require scouts to wear uniform when undertaking water activities (because sun protection and the ability to get wet is more important) but we do request that they wear their uniform “waist up” and a scarf for parade.

Uniforms are available to purchase from the group directly or from the online Scout Shop. http://www.thescoutsshop.com.au/









The uniform comprises of:

  • a dark blue shirt with the colour appropriate to the section across the sleeves, yolk and collar (tan for Joeys, yellow for Cubs, green for Scouts, maroon for Venturers and red for Rovers and blue for adults/leaders);

  • a blue Scout belt

  • our Group Scarf

  • White Leather Woggle or Sea Scout Shackle

  • Navy Long Pants or Shorts for formal, District or Region events. We expect all Scouts to be neat and well presented dark (e.g. navy or black) shorts or long trousers for all section nights.


During Water Activities we expect Scouts to wear Uniform waste up. Board shorts or equivalent water gear waste down is only acceptable for water activities.

Badges are an important part of the Scout uniform as they signify who we are, but also what each Scout has achieved. It is important that uniforms be worn with pride, that badges be sewn on in the correct location and the scarf should be neatly rolled and held in place with the woggle.




Footwear at 1st Woy Woy deserves a special mention.

Fully enclosed footwear is required at all times.

This includes:

  • Black or brown school shoes, boots or sneakers for formal uniformed occasions; and

  • Sneakers, old joggers, and water shoes for informal occasions and water activities.


It is a Scouts Australia NSW Policy that fully enclosed footwear is required at all times for activities. No Thongs Ever

Scouts Australia NSW enforce this policy due to the number of serious injuries that can occur during Scouts Activities (especially Water Activities) to feet if Scouts and Leaders are not wearing fully enclosed shoes at all times. No Bare Feet Ever

The only exception for thongs or bare feet is beach activities (where there is not a risk of oyster cuts), swimming, and showering at events.  During these times – Leaders will always advise.

As 1st Woy Woy participates in District, Region, State and National Events where this policy is enforced, we require all our members to get used to this requirement. Not only does it make it easier for us at these events (because we are used to it) but it also means that in the event of an injury to the feet, the Scouts Australia Insurance will cover it. 



Joeys meet Mondays 5-6pm

Cubs meet Mondays 6-7:30pm

Scouts meet Tuesdays 6:30-8:30pm

Venturers meet Wednesdays 7-9pm


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